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Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrician in Uxbridge
The Importance of Using the Right Contractor

Whether you need electrical work carried out at your home, rental property or business in Uxbridge, it’s important to hire the right electrician for the job. As well as looking at qualifications and reviews, you should find out about the types of jobs a company has experience in. For example, suppose you need three-phase power installed at a workshop. In that case, you don’t want a commercial electrician who only does electrical PAT testing – you will need an industrial electrician knowledgeable in three-phase power supplies.

Below, we take a closer look at the importance of choosing the right local electrician for rewires, upgrades and other work.

If you are considering RBE Electrical for services in Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey, please visit our gallery and testimonials pages to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding of Regulations

You want an electrician who thoroughly understands the regulations that apply to your property and system. This ensures legal compliance, utmost safety and efficiency. The contractor will also be able to advise you on the most suitable options.

In the UK, electrical regulations and responsibilities vary across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, so it’s worth finding a local electrician who will ensure compliance for you.

Best Advice and Solutions

Just like a domestic electrician can advise best on setting out and tailoring the electrics within a home, a commercial electrician is best placed to advise on workplace electrical systems.

Households operate completely differently to businesses and have widely different needs, so pick a contractor in the Uxbridge area who has experience meeting the needs of clients similar to yourself.

The Right Services

Some companies, like RBE Electrical, offer extensive services across all sectors, from domestic rewires to electrical PAT testing for businesses. However, others will only undertake certain work – some professionals only operate as domestic, commercial or industrial electricians.

Consequently, choosing the right contractor will ensure they can complete the work you need and to a high standard.

Who Should You Call?

Most local electricians will offer electrical installations, upgrades, repairs and replacements, but the specifics of these services can vary. Here’s a general guide to who you should call when you need electrical work:

Domestic Electricians

  • For electrical work in a residential property - this might be your own home or a house or flat you rent out

  • Domestic services can include house rewires, adding sockets, electrics for extensions, garden lighting and more

Commercial Electricians

  • For electrical work in an office, shop or other business premises in Uxbridge

  • Services can include electrical PAT testing, EICR reports, lighting, data cabling, CCTV systems and more

Industrial Electricians

  • For electrical work in a warehouse, workshop or other industrial premises

  • Services can include three-phase systems, machinery services, factory lighting, fire alarms, security systems and more

Please call 07704 929286 when you need a domestic, commercial or industrial electrician in Uxbridge or the surrounding areas.
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