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Electrical PAT Testing by Commercial Electricians in Farnborough
Vital Safety Rules for Your Surrey Home or Premises

Our local electricians are highly experienced and fully trained in the areas of health and safety, ensuring our team and clients are perfectly safe when carrying out rewires, electrical PAT testing and other services. With a team of qualified domestic electricians, industrial electricians and commercial electricians, RBE Electrical is the company you need for all electrical services in Farnborough, Slough and across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

With our clients’ welfare a priority, we’ve put together a list of safety tips to follow so you understand how the electricity operates within your property, and how to guarantee the safety of your family or colleagues.

Outlet Safety

  • Don’t pull electrical items away from the outlet by the cord as the strain can cause damage within the cable

  • Keep outlets and cables in good condition, otherwise shocks can occur

  • If you have young children, childproof the outlets so little fingers can’t wander

  • Ensure sockets are positioned safely – RBE Electrical’s team can advise on this

If you’re having issues with certain appliances or sockets, we can provide electrical PAT testing and system testing to determine the issue and ensure safety.

Cables and Cords

Don’t leave these in an untidy fashion as they can cause a tripping hazard in the workplace. But, more importantly, having them on display at home can attract inquisitive minds and pets.

Tidy away all electrical wires sensibly and contact our local electricians in Farnborough if you’d like a safer, long-term solution, such as additional sockets. Our domestic and commercial electricians can provide such services individually and as part of wider rewires.

Liquids or Wet Areas

Keep these away from all electrical equipment or outlets. Our domestic, commercial and industrial electricians recommend having Residual Current Devices (RCDs) installed at your property which will cut off supply and prevent shock if a fault is detected.


One to definitely avoid! If your Farnborough home or premises is experiencing flickering lights or buzzing sounds from the outlets, don’t think you can fix the issue yourself. Electrical works are not for the inexperienced so please call the appropriate services, or the domestic, industrial and commercial electricians at RBE Electrical. We perform a range of services to keep you safe, including rewires and electrical PAT testing.

Working Outside

If you’re mowing the lawn or cutting down branches, be wary of cables and overhead wires. These can be easily overlooked which leads to the risk of electrical shock. The majority of electrical equipment is now fitted with the appropriate RCDs but you should still follow best practice. 

Know Your Electricity

Our local electricians, including industrial electricians, advise all our clients to understand their consumer units and how they work. As they are solely responsible for the distribution of this vital system throughout our homes and premises, it’s important to comprehend their setup and be aware of how to isolate areas should a fault occur.

To speak to our domestic and commercial electricians about electrical PAT testing in Farnborough and the surrounding areas, call 07704 929286.
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